Sunday, January 18, 2009

German Alps Pilsner

Homebrewers Outpost German Alps Pilsner kit:

2.5 gallons water.
12 oz. Carapils.

in a mesh bag, heated to just before boiling. Added:

6 lbs. Briess Light Extract (malt)

stirring, and brought to a rapid boil. Added:
1 oz. German Northern Brewer hop pellets (Alpha Acid 7.0%)

in a mesh bag. Rapid boil for 55 minutes. Added:

2 oz. German Hallertau hop pellets (Alpha Acid 3.9%)

in a mesh bag. Rapid boil for 5 minutes. Cooled in an ice bath til the pot was warm to the touch, added cold water to 5 gallons @ ~75F. Pitched:

11g Nottingham brewing yeast and put away to ferment on 1/10/08 at ~48F. Initial S.G. 1.060.

Initial yeast pitch didn't seem to take (is it possible for it to be too _low_ temperature?) so I re-pitched with the packet from a Smoky Porter kit (it looks the same.) This time I followed the instructions on the yeast packet for rehydrating the yeast first (4oz. ~90F water + yeast. Cover with sterile cloth for 15 mins. Add 1oz. wort every 5 minutes until its doubled in volume (to avoid temperature shock), then add to wort.)
Went to check SG on 1/18 but it was still visibly bubbling, so I didn't bother. Given the slow start and the low temp in my cellar atm, this doesn't seem too surprising.
anti ob | Homepage | 01.18.09 - 3:12 pm | #

Kegged on Jan 23, SG 1.020
anti ob | Homepage | 01.23.09 - 1:29 pm | #

1.060 - 1.020 = 0.040
* 105 = 4.2% abw
* 1.25 = 5.25% abv
anti ob | Homepage | 02.12.09 - 5:37 pm | #

After a month in the keg this was nice, but a month after that it was nicer...

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