Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coffee Porter

Started with the Homebrewers Outpost Robust Porter kit:

2.5 gallons water.
6 oz. Chocolate.
4 oz. Crystal 120.

in a mesh bag, heated to 170F and let to steep (occasionally turning the heat back on to push it back up to 170F) for 10 minutes. Added:

7 lbs. Briess Dark Extract (malt)

stirring, and brought to a rapid boil. Added:
1 oz. UK Challenger hop pellets (Alpha Acid 8.0%)

in a mesh bag. Rapid boil for 55 minutes. Added:

1 oz. ?? hop pellets (Alpha Acid ??%)

in a mesh bag. Rapid boil for 5 minutes. Cooled in an ice bath to ~100F, added cold water to 5 gallons. Added 4 double shots of fresh espresso (I have read various recipes involving people adding coffee at the end of the boil, but coffee tastes like shite if you let it boil - it boils off lots of the tasty volitiles - so I opted to make decent coffee and add it after cooling.) Pitched:

11g Nottingham brewing yeast and put away to ferment.

Didn't save the S.G readings for this one. Carbonated it at a slightly higher pressure (I believe it was about 14 PSI) and keg aged for about 1 month.

This was a nice beer! Good body, nice head, you could taste the coffee but it was subtle.

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