Sunday, June 28, 2009

Alpine Amber

Somewhere in here I did another brew and forgot to blog it; the box of packaging has been sitting by the computer for ages. I think it would have been the weekend after the last, which would make it kegged about May 10. This was another run of the Homebrewers Outpost Alpine Amber, which I've done before, but this time as a partial mash kit. Process roughly the same as the last brew, and I completely failed to record SG readings, but the ingredients were:

4 lbs. Briess Golden Light Extract (liquid malt)
1 lb. Pilsen LightExtract (powdered malt)
1 oz. Tradition hops (bittering, 5.8% AA)
1 oz. Centennial hops (finishing, 8.0% AA)
1 vial liquid California Ale yeast
and the bag of mystery cracked grains

Cracked this keg somewhere around the end of June, drank half of it, then left for Volcano for 2 weeks taking the Stout with us. Left this keg in the fridge but with the fridge turned off while I was gone. It was nice before I left, but even nicer by the time I got back - floral, without being sweet.
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