Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brew Two

This is a from a Red Rock Ale kit made by the local brew shop Homebrewers Outpost. Its supposedly a fairly hoppy IPA-like thing, though it looks fairly dark so far.

2.5 gallons water with
1 bag of Specialty Grains (sneaky! They're not telling whats in it...)
Edit: 4oz Chocolate, 4oz Crystal 60, 4oz Special Roast

in a mesh bag, heated to 170F and let to steep (occasionally turning the heat back on to push it back up to 170F) for 20 minutes. Added:

7 lbs. Briess Golden Light Extract

stirring, and brought to a rapid boil.

The brew-pot was making awesome swirly patterns, which it of course refused to repeat once I got the camera out. Still, I could watch these all day.

1 oz. UK Phoenix hop pellets

in a mesh bag. Rapid boil for 55 minutes. Added:

1 oz. Cascade hop pellets

in a mesh bag. Rapid boil for 5 minutes. Cooled in an ice bath to ~90F, added cold water to 5 gallons @ 80F. Pitched:

11g Nottingham dry brewing yeast. Agitated for 5m and put away to ferment. Initial S.G. 1.050.

Just put it down today, so I'll update this when I find out what it tastes like...
SG steady at 1.014 after 6 days. Kegged with 1 pint of water and 5 oz. dextrose for carbonation. (I'll gas carbonate too, but I'll wait til the other keg runs out.
anti ob | 08.23.08 - 5:34 pm | #

Fridge died on me when I went to gas carbonate, so I cranked it up to 25 PSI to carbonate at approximately 60 F (in the tomb.) According to the charts this should be a bit more than the last one, which was a little flat.
anti ob | 08.30.08 - 6:31 pm | #

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